How to care for your wool jacket

Whether you are in the market for a wool jacket or you have already bought one you may want to learn how to keep your new garment looking brand new. If you care for it properly, a wool jacket can last you a lifetime. Maintaining the shape and feel of wool jackets requires a lot of effort and time. Make sure you always brush your wool jacket after you wear it to remove surface soil and store it in a air-tight location.

A wool jacket should be given twenty four hours time between wears to return to its original shape. Wool jackets should be kept on padded or shaped hangers.You can hang your wool jacket in a steamy bathroom from time to time, to remove wrinkles. Frequent cleanings will lead to premature fiber wear which is why you should clean your wool jacket periodically. Stains or soils can be easily removed using a spot cleaning agent and cool water if you rinse the spot immediately. Make sure you use steam when pressing your wool jacket. It's best to store your wool jacket with moth repellents such as fresh cedar to keep it smelling pleasant. Hang buttoned to prevent shape distortion. The hanger should support the neck and shoulder areas of your jacket. Always dry flat in desired shape! Make sure you follow the care instructions on the label. Care for your wool jacket properly to ensure it retains its value!